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The Social Security Handbook

The following is what the Social Security Administration says in the Social Security Handbook.

Chapter 6: Factors in Evaluating Disability

Table of Contents

600.Who qualifies for disability determinations?
601.What is a "medically determinable" impairment?
602.Impairment Lasting or Expected to Last at Least 12 Months
603.Definition of Substantial Gainful Activity
604.Independent Determinations Under the Social Security Act
605.Does SSA make disability determinations on a rating schedule?
606.Medical and Other Evidence as Basis for Decision of "Not Disabled"
607.Medical Evidence as Basis for Decision of "Disabled" -- Listing of Impairments
608.What if your condition does not meet or medically equal a listing?
609.Evaluation Considering Age, Education, and Work Experience
610.What does "work that exists in the national economy" mean?
611.Does your employment condition affect a disability determination?
612.How is disability defined for disabled widow(er)s?
613.Are you considered disabled if you are receiving treatment for an impairment?
614.Evidence of Disability
615.Medical and Other Evidence
616.Consultative Examinations
617.Importance of Substantial Gainful Activity
618.How does work at the substantial gainful activity level affect disability?
619.Definition of "Make Work"
620.Significance of Earnings
621.How are your earnings as a self-employed person considered in determining substantial gainful activity?
622.When are continuing disability reviews conducted?
623.When does disability end?

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